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Reghal Media is a media production company based in New York City and Montrose, Pennsylvania.

We provide media solutions for clients and develop original properties.

Susan Regisford, MD

Susan is the creator of BEST YOU MADE POSSIBLE,  SERVE AND RALLY and is executive producer for Reghal Media’s film/TV portfolio. She is also an NYU-trained physician whose writing on pandemic-related issues have won her wide praise.

Her articles have been picked up by several publications, including fellow New Yorker Ariana Huffington’s wellness site, ThriveGlobal.




Thomas Hale

Tom read most of his school library by grade seven, started a touring rock band at thirteen, bought his first motorcycle at fourteen, and by twenty was the European correspondent for a college newspaper.

His student thesis film had a long run on Canadian TV, the first movie he directed became a TV series, and after coming to  New York he made a documentary about his neighbor which got picked up by PBS WNET 13. He is also an arborist and gardener who enjoys loud power tools.



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Documentary - Video as Journalism

Glider profiles Scranton, PA native Ed Weisberger’s exploits as a WWII glider pilot. PBS liked the film so much they played it on New York’s WNET 13 for three years. “Ed was a fascinating man, but he was also our neighbor and adopted grandfather,” says executive producer Susan Regisford. “He was family.”

Digital - The Power to heal

BEST YOU MADE POSSIBLE  combines Susan Regisford’s experience as a doctor with her passion for integrated mind/body/spirit health.

Contact Susan to speak at your event, for one-on-one coaching sessions, or to consult on Total Health.


Video - Building Community

After Superstorm Sandy devastated New York, Reghal Media volunteered a video campaign to help the heroic residents of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn–one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods. Result: 180 family homes saved.

We are blessed and honored to be associated with one of the great American neighborhoods.

Contact Thomas to discuss how video can build your community.

The Craft of Cinematography

It’s more than lighting and correct camera angles. Cinematography is the ability to structure scenes and tell a story with pictures.

Need a seasoned shooter with a good eye? Contact Thomas.

Video - As an Art Form

Both film and dance are fundamentally about movement. Halflife, a film designed and directed by Thomas Hale.

Client Video - Empowering New York Youth

Video (especially on Social Media) is becoming the main communication tool for organizations big and small. Our video campaign for YouthBridgeNY raised their profile with a targeted audience and took them to their next step–and it was a lot of fun!

Contact us to discuss how video can power your organization.

Digital - Psychology and Tennis

SERVE AND RALLY is Susan Regisford’s examination of the art and psychology of professional tennis.

S and R for website

Commercials - Video Shorthand

It takes an experienced director to tell a lot but keep it short.

Call us if you want to send a message to an impatient Social Media audience.

Video - The Art of Drama

Samples of Thomas Hale’s work as a director of drama.

Photography - Each Picture a Story

Thomas Hale’s TEN THOUSAND AND ONE STORIES was inspired by his love of classical landscape painting. The photos in this online gallery explore the five boroughs of New York, London, India, and other locations worldwide.

Contact Thomas for landscape, architectural or portrait photography.

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Reghal Media is a proud supporter of the New York Production Alliance, NY Women in Film and Television, the Pennsylvania Entertainment Production Tax Credit, and the New York State Film Tax Credit Program