Reghal Media develops original properties for broadcast TV, cinema, and digital. We also consult on media strategy and produce video-based campaigns for select clients. Reghal Media is owned and operated by Susan Regisford and Thomas Hale, was founded in 2014, and is based in Midtown Manhattan.

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Susan Regisford is a writer and photographer, and the creator of She is also an NYU-trained anesthesiologist who received her medical degree in Philadelphia.

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Thomas Hale is a film director and writer with two decades experience in independent film and broadcast television. 

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There are not many World War II veterans like 95 year-old Manhattanite Ed Weisberger. With bittersweet humour he describes flying gliders into battle ("nobody bothered to tell us they were suicide missions"), the liberation of Paris, the invasions of Germany ("it was great until the German army showed up"), and Holland ("there wasn't much to do there except dodge bullets”). 

The film features never-before-seen WW2 photos from the private collections of American glider pilots, as well as stunning film footage from the US government archives.

A keen observer with an astonishing memory, Ed’s poignant, funny stories showcase an uncontainable personality and shed light on a largely unknown aspect of American history.

Glider is an official selection of the 2017 GI Film Festival in Washington DC, with a featured screening Saturday, May 27th. More information here.


SERVE AND RALLY is a blog created by Susan Regisford that analyses the art, psychology and personalities of professional tennis.  She attends major international tournaments (in 2016 she blogged from the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters in Monaco and in 2015 the WTA Finals in Singapore), and has a long record of attendance at the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open.

"I find Susan's tennis coverage to be a valuable, insightful and entertaining way to keep current with all things tennis. Like most people these days, the demands on my time are great, so to have Susan's thoughtful summaries and commentary has been a great way to stay up on the latest tennis news. I look forward to reading what she says next!" Charles L. Failla, Principal, Sovereign Financial Group, Inc.


Reghal Media has three spec screenplays in development.

Video Campaigns

As the social mediasphere migrates from print to video, we have provided pro bono video and consulting services to some non-profits in New York City.


"I am so lucky that Tom chose to work with my youth organization. He is an extremely kind-hearted person, easy to get along with and laid back, so I always felt empowered to share my thoughts and make recommendations. At the same time he was pointed and strategic, making sure that I understood the film-making process and explaining why some things needed to be handled in certain ways. I always felt like we were an equal team, working harmoniously and never condescending or disrespectful toward the other. He always put my (the client's) needs first and listened intently as I explained the impact I wanted the video to make, and still made sure that the end product was top notch, quality work. He will accept nothing short of the high standard that he places on all of his work, paid or pro bono. Additionally, he provided advice on how to use video clips and extra footage to enhance my organization’s brand and increase awareness. I would highly recommend Tom and Reghal Media, it would be a worthwhile partnership and a lot of fun too!”  Karen Lander, Managing Director at YouthBridgeNY


"I highly recommend Tom Hale a talented professional that created two very helpful videos after Hurricane Sandy flooded my shoreline community. The first helped raise funds, promote the need for volunteers and awareness to the issues residents were dealing with each day. The second video was a thank you to all that helped and to show support for those that are still struggling to rebuild. He was someone that reached out to us to ask how can I help. His work did help us help more people and get the word out to the public. My community and friends are very grateful for Tom's awesome videos that help us help more people."  Michael Taylor, Founder and President, We Care New York

Reghal Media is a proud supporter of the New York Production Alliance and the New York State Film Tax Credit Program

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